Goldfields boasts a national fleet of various types of long-haul vehicles which is made up of 6 and 12 meter super link combinations. The fleet consists of 200 prime movers with 175 trailers operating within South Africa. Goldfields offers an end to end supply chain solution.

Inbound Logistics

Our inbound service-offering includes collecting from source (i.e. Harbours, quarries, mills, etc.). This is then transported to the production facility where the management of the stock is controlled throughout the process. Stock is then booked into production warehouses, where full control over all supply chain functions is handled. This includes releasing stock into the production process as and when required.

Outbound Logistics

The outbound service-offering entails assuming control of the finished product as it comes off the production line, shuttling it into finished goods warehouses and managing stock control throughout the process. Furthermore picking and packing is done for both the line haul and local deliveries of products into the end users DC’s.

Goldfields Logistics further commits to the process of on-going improvement within their current business model. Goldfields is proudly RTMS accredited since 2013 and undergoes yearly audits to maintain this accreditation.

What is RTMS?
RTMS is an industry-led, voluntary self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and transport operators to engage in the road logistics value chain to implement a vehicle management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road safety and increases the productivity of the logistics value chain. This scheme also supports the Department of Transport’s National Freight Logistics Strategy.

All stakeholders in the road logistics value chain are aware of the problems concerning road logistics that affect their industries. The road infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly due to overloading and poor maintenance. Furthermore, the large number of accidents attributed to heavy trucks is unacceptable. Both road safety and road infrastructure are public concerns subject to strict regulation by governments, particularly when abused. Overregulation, road deterioration and high accident rates pose a significant threat to the long term sustainability and global competitiveness of the road logistics value chain.

This has prompted users of road haulage (consignors and consignees) and providers of road haulage (hauliers) to jointly develop strategies aimed at protecting the road network, improving road safety and transport productivity for the benefit of the country’s citizens and the industry itself.

The industry also recognises that poor compliance to transport regulations creates an unfair competitive environment. It is therefore felt that a self-regulation scheme is required to create standard rules for the industry, and that these rules should become the “business norm” – supporting principles of good corporate governance. It is for this reason that industry is leading this initiative, to ensure its quick adoption by all businesses participating in the road logistics value chain.
Furthermore, industry recognises its critical role in the economy’s growth. Efficient movement of goods between a country’s centres of production and its shipping ports boosts competitiveness in international markets. RTMS is one of the innovative and pro-active initiatives that will make this possible.

Benefits of RTMS
Transport operators who invest in becoming RTMS accredited are recognised for their commitment to responsible business through a series of concessions.

The most notable is the opportunity to investigate the implementation of Performance Based Standards (PBS). This in short means that a vehicle can be designed outside the current legal limits, whilst still complying with certain safety and other requirements and can, therefore, carry heavier payloads.

Furthermore our clients will benefit out of the following:

  • Assurance of road worthy vehicles
  • Assurance of medically fit drivers
  • Assurance of legal driving hours
  • Assurance of law abiding drivers